Surgical masks pack 10 masks

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Pack of 10 pieces. Type I Facial Mask for Medical Use Disposable, 3 layers of TNT, 100% PP, Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex®.


Pack of 10 pieces

Exempt from VAT pursuant to Article 124 of Legislative Decree no. 34 of 19 May 2020 (so-called Relaunch Decree).

Type I medical face mask with triple layer of non-woven fabric (TNT) made of 100% polypropylene: soft, water-repellent, does not irritate the skin and is certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®, a guarantee of safety for the skin.

Equipped with 2 elastic bands to be placed behind the earcups, B-Face is anatomical, extendable, adaptable to any shape and size of the face. The practical shaping underwire guarantees adherence, practicality and safety.

PRECAUTIONS FOR USE.1. If the instructions for use and limitations on the use of the mask are not strictly followed and/or the mask is not used during the entire period of exposure, the effectiveness of the mask will be lower and may lead to contamination. 2. Before use, the user must inform himself about the correct use of the mask in accordance with the applicable health and safety instructions. 3. Check the condition of the device beforehand, and do not use the mask if it is damaged (tears, cuts, lack of fasteners, etc.). 4. Type I medical face masks should only be used for patients and other persons to reduce the risk of infection spread, especially in epidemic or pandemic situations. Type I masks are not intended for use by healthcare workers in the operating theatre or other medical activities with similar requirements. 5. If the mask is damaged or if breathing is difficult, leave the contaminated area immediately and remove or replace the mask. 6. Do not alter or modify the mask.

USEFUL LIFE. The mask is an individual disposable device; the maximum duration of use is 8 hours per day.

STORAGE AND PRESERVATION INSTRUCTIONS. Until use, the mask should be stored in its original packaging, sealed to preserve its properties. During storage, transport and storage, the environmental conditions foreseen by the manufacturer for the correct conservation of the device must be respected.

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Surgical masks pack 10 masks
Surgical masks pack 10 masks
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