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Work smarter
not harder

With more than 20 years of experience we can deliver the best technology products and services.
So you can really focus on what really matters for your business to thrive.


We are ready for your success

We are ready for your office tech supply

We'll provide you all the latest mobile device, desktops and accessories.

We' ll supply your datacenter hardware and licenses

We can provide your business the best deals to get the best innovative technology for your datacenters

We'll manage your cloud subscriptions for Microsoft 365, VMware and others

We will manage all your cloud services subscription finding the best rates possible.

How to start to benefit from our services

Easy like counting 1-2-3

Inventory of your IT asset and services

Create a list of all your current IT expenses and the next 6 months needs.
If you need we can help you without any obligation to buy from us

Contact us for help
Send us your list

We can provide your business the best deals to get the best innovative technology for your datacenters

Get a quote, order and enjoy your savings

In 24-48 hours we will send you a quote, setup of your preferred payment method and place the order. We deliver to any address each single item if needed (to remote workers).
We guarantee you a big saving.

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Increase your profits by 10x by focusing on what matter most for your business

Outsource all your technology needs to us, so you can focus on what really matters: your business and your growth. You'll enjoy more your work and we assure you that you'll see a substantial increase in profit.


Things we can do for you

Office Equipment
Software and subscriptions
Datacenter equipement
Photography and video equipment

A taste of our magic

"We are a financial company operating in the online payment field with 350 E5 Microsoft subscribed users. The budget allocated was 135K € per year. Thanks to Ontiup in 2020 we saved more than 20K € per year. They garanteed us a discount of 25% from the listing price!
We reinvested the 20K in the development of a new product, giving 33% more resources!"

"We are a marketing media development company with 150 employees. We use Apple products and we had a person dedicated to the hardware purchase and support.
With Ontiup in 2019 we saved more than 15% on hardware expenses and 1 head count !

We reinvested the saving in employees' training giving us a sharp advange on competition.
They also delivered to our employees homeoffices during the lockdown, so no disruptions for us!"

Frequently asked questions

Which technology brand do you deal with?

Any, whatever you need in the technology field we are able to provide it to you.

If I ask your help in identifying my business needs, do I have to buy from you?

No, we are very confident in our services and we are sure that once we help you identifying your needs, finding the best technology that serves you and the best deal, you are going to choose Onitup as your provider. Our consultancy is free, we will send you a quote at the end and you decide if you like to buy with us.

How is it possible for you to get such low prices compared to other providers?

We are dealing in this field for 20 years and we identified the most reliable and onest partners on the market. We tend to get a direct connection with the vendor, instead of going through the typical channel, so we can cut the prices as much as possible. Our goal is to make our customers happy, not to get the most profit from them once, but to establish a long reliable relationship.

Which payment method do you accept?

We accept different methods:
- Bank Transfert
- Credit Cards
- For recurrent services: direct debit
If you like a different method, just ask us. We always find an agreeemnt with our customers

Once I place and order, how long is going to take to be deilivered?

This depends on the type of order and technology. For example a cloud subscription can take a few hours, while a datacenter firewall 20 days. In each order you place with us we agree on the delivery date in advance, to make sure we satisfy your needs

Do you deliver to officed or business addresses only?

No, since the start of the pandemic we offer a special delivery service that allow business owners to place an order that can be delivered directly to the emploees' home offices. For example, you order 10 Macbook and 10 iPhone for your employees and we can deliver each device to your employees home address.

Is it possible to get a subscription service?

Yes, if you don't want to think about subscription renewals or equipment periodic refresh, we can do it for you


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